Get a workout buddy

So I’ve already told you guys about how I joined the gym and love it. I totally still love it but I have a confession to make: I didn’t go to the gym for one whole week. I know, sue me (but don’t actually sue me).

I felt dumb not utilizing the resource that I’m currently spending my hard earned money on. I ended up going today to break the habit of missing the gym and I noticed something while I was there. There were so many people with workout buddies.

One reason having a workout buddy will help you stay active is because it’s someone to try new kinds of exercises with. For some people it’s more motivating to do something new when they’re trying it with someone else. Personally, I would feel less intimated going into a yoga class or attempting a hike with one of my friends rather than going alone. And just because I prefer it doesn’t mean you have to; working out solo is just as good as in a group.

Another thing that’s handy about workout buddies is that if one of you feels like skipping your workout for the day, (hopefully) the other will motivate the lazy friend to stop being a potato. Even if you aren’t a gym-goer having a workout buddy is still nice for walks, runs, and even dance parties in the living room (it counts as cardio, people!).

Your workout buddy can be helpful in ways other than exercising as well. For example, the two of you can tell each other everything that you eat for the day, and that way no one cheats on their diet. Or the two of you can share new ideas for recipes that cater to your exercise routines.

If you’re trying to be active but find it hard to commit time each day to exercising, a workout buddy could be beneficial for you. If you aren’t sure where to find a workout buddy, try one of these links and remember to keep it klean out there!


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