Say thanks every day

Isn’t it a good Thursday to be thankful?

Wait Michelle, you’re like, hella late. Thanksgiving was two weeks ago.

Oh, actually that’s because I’m not talking about Thanksgiving Thursday. I’m talking about this Thursday, today, December 8, 2016.

Except I’m not talking about this Thursday either. What I actually mean is all Thursdays, and all of the other days. Thanksgiving is great because there’s hella excellent food and family time can be nice. But I think the idea of Thanksgiving is overrated; why not be thankful everyday? There are plenty of reasons to be appreciative on any given Thursday such as today. Here’s a few of mine:

  • Good health
    Having a healthy, functional body is definitely something to be thankful for. Your body is capable of doing so many different activities, how cool is that? Humans can run, swim, juggle, sing, fly, among so many other actions. Our bodies were made to move. Being active feels good and I’m thankful that I have a body capable enough to try to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • School
    Although I can’t help but complain at times about the stress that school brings, I’m thankful for the opportunity of learning it provides for me. Whenever I have a helpful professor or a class that teaches me useful information for later in life I’m appreciative. Sometimes both of those things happen simultaneously, and that calls for extra thanks.
  • Family & friends
    There’s really no answer for where I would be without my family and best friends. I just wouldn’t exist, honestly. My parents are definitely my best friends and I’m glad I finally stopped being a teenager so that I could fully appreciate all that they do for me on a daily basis. My sisters and brother are my friends that can never leave me, but my friends are most likely stuck with me too. Essentially I’m thankful for great times and even greater people. Cheesy, I know.
  • Nature
    I’m not sure if you figured this out from my blog title or anything, but I love the Earth! The sky, water, grass, and trees are just a small part of the list that fill me with happiness. I love walking through forests and flower gardens, long walks on the beach (lol), and views from mountains. Why wouldn’t anyone be thankful for such a beautiful world? Plus, the plants are what give humans oxygen according to science so everyone should really be saying thank you to a tree or two.
  • Work
    Another hot topic on my complaining list: work. When you work in retail, it’s hard not to complain. However like school, I’m thankful that I’m lucky enough to have a job when there are people out there who don’t have jobs or even homes. Plus my coworkers are some rad human beings, and it makes it so much better when you work with people that you like.
  • Music
    I’ll probably do another blog post about music, but for now I feel like I should add it to my list. Music makes everything better. Are you happy? Music makes you happier. Sad? Music helps. Angry? Music definitely helps. From my previous post, you know that my favorite way to vent is to write songs. There’s music for the different times of year, and movies wouldn’t be the same without music. We have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to music.

Okay, readers. That about sums up my main reasons to be thankful on a daily basis. Of course there’s about a million more, no exaggeration there. So tell me, why are you thankful on any given day? And remember, keep it klean out there!



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