How to beat your period

It’s not everyday that you hear your sister or mom or friend say, “Man, I just can’t wait to get my period.” In fact, I’m not sure if you’d hear anyone say that any day. Who would be excited for a week of feeling like someone’s stabbing you through your abdomen with a trident while you’re also leaking? Not me.

But it’s inevitable. That’s just the way human biology works. That doesn’t mean us ladies can’t work with Momma Nature to at least alleviate the pain we take on from the rotten characteristics of Aunt Flo. So here are a few tips and tricks to keep those troubles at bay.

If you’re one of the lucky readers that doesn’t have to experience a visit from Mr. Tom once a month, this is generally what we’re dealing with.

  1. Listen to your body
    The most important and easiest way to know how to beat your period is by figuring out what makes it worse for you specifically. For example, caffeinated drinks might make you less lethargic but have you ever noticed if that caffeine affects if your cramps are worse?
  2. Watch your diet
    Diet will always play a key role in a person’s general well being, however this role can be slightly more emphasized during menstruation depending on the person. Here’s a list of a couple of the foods you would want to stay away from. And of course there are foods that could be beneficial.
  3. Stay active
    From personal experience, I know that working out is one of the last thing’s anyone would want to do during their time. However, this article convinced me that I should probably get out of bed and at least do minimal amounts of exercise every other day. At least.
  4. But also rest
    I know, I know. I just told you to get off your butt and get the blood flowing, but you have to remember I didn’t tell you to exercise everyday. If you know you need rest (see tip #1) then rest is what you need. It makes no sense to push your body harder than necessary. So when you feel the time is right, take the day off.
  5. Stock up on chocolate
    Arguably the most important tip, pick up your favorite chocolates to snack on. Not only will it help to relax your muscles, but it’s a mood booster. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Oh, but make sure it’s dark chocolate because that’s where all the good antioxidants are at. If you aren’t that into dark chocolate, Bisou is one of my favorite chocolate companies.

Hopefully this list of tricks can be useful to you or someone you know who struggles through their fight with nature’s gift to us females, and remember keep it klean out there!


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