Shop smart for your wallet and planet

Who doesn’t like shopping? Probably a lot of people, but for those of us that do I have one word of advice for you: thrift!

The waste from factories producing clothing decreases when people shop at thrift stores versus retail stores. This not only helps by making less clothing, but also by reducing gases emitted and energy used from clothing factories. When people donate clothes to the thrift store, it reduces the waste being dumped into landfills – or should I say landfulls.

Shopping at the thrift store can seem like a chore having to sort through racks and racks of random used clothing. I like to think of it as a treasure hunt, although you don’t know where the X is marked. It’s more rewarding to me to dig through and find that broken in pair of Doc Martens, or a slightly used jean jacket that fits perfectly. Plus from personal experience, there are usually more humans in a retail store than a thrift store which makes it easier to navigate through clothes and knick knacks.

I can’t tell you the amount of compliments that I’ve received on different clothes that I’ve found on my treasure hunts. People are shocked when I reply that, “I found it at the thrift store.” Usually these clothes are under 10 bucks, and are always under 20.

Here’s a link to find a thrift store in your area, in case you were curious to check it out. Hopefully this post inspires you to save some cash and waste less, and remember keep it klean out there!



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