Today’s tea: the Earl of tea

Our tea today is earl grey. It’s a flavored, caffeinated tea that is most commonly made with black tea. Other types of teas like green, oolong, and white can be used as well, however black tea is the most traditional. The tea leaves are flavored with bergamot oil which gives it a floral flavor and scent.

Earl grey is a popular choice for a morning beverage. Since it’s generally a black tea, it has more caffeine than most green and all white teas. It’s also a great tea to do a tea latte with. A favorite concoction that’s come from earl grey is a London fog. The recipe for a London fog can be altered to preference, but it’s generally steamed milk with earl grey and vanilla. Soothing, especially on a cold day.

But morning beverages aren’t the only drinks that earl grey plays a role in. Earl grey infused alcoholic beverages are a popular trend, too. Here’s one recipe if you want to try to mess around with it. I plan to try it myself as well, so maybe I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Besides being deliciously versatile in morning and evening beverages, earl grey has different health benefits that you get just by drinking it straight up. This time of year brings quite a chill, so make yourself a London fog and remember to keep it klean out there!


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