Hit the lights

I spend a lot of time in building 8 at Skyline College because I’m a journalism major and that’s where the newsroom is. During the time I’ve roamed those halls, I’ve stumbled upon a horror more than enough times for me to be prompted to write about it. Ready to find out what it is?

People keep leaving the lights on in empty classrooms! EMPTY. CLASSROOMS.

Do you know what happens when the lights are left on in an empty room? Electricity is being wasted, therefore money is being wasted. Here’s a good example of how much it costs to keep the lights on.

Considering the fact that whenever I find this atrocity it’s in an EMPTY classroom, I unfortunately haven’t caught the culprits that are responsible for this heinous crime. But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain to others about it.

If this situation is familiar because you’re acquainted with electricity-suckers or if it’s something you find yourself doing, here’s how to know when to turn the lights off, and remember keep it klean out there!


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