A little cleaning goes a long way

IMG_2001Welcome to my hopes and dreams. This blog is designed to produce different methods to clean different parts of your life. We only have one body, one life, and one world. However, keeping these things clean all mean entirely different things.

Clean body.

This generally means maintaining a healthy diet and some form of exercise.

Clean mind.

People associate this idea with a stress-free happy life.

Clean world.

This one is self-explanatory which is why it’s ironic that it’s not been achieved.

It’s so important to remember to treat your body like it’s the only one you’ll ever have, and the same can be said about the world (at least in our lifetime, who knows what the future will hold).

Disclaimer: I’m not perfect and I’m working on my “klean” journey day by day.

So step right up, we’re in this together. Who knows? We might even have a little fun.

-Michelle Brignoli


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